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Our primary goal is to bring together caring educators with students who can benefit from their tutelage to ensure positive educational growth and results.

Our company specializes in individualized one-on-one sessions as well as small group classes with never more than 4 students.

Our company utilizes the latest technology to track and plan your child's progress throughout the curriculum. This allows their tutors to pinpoint any weak area that should be reviewed but also lets you easily see their progress by simply logging into a website. This allows the tutor to customize an individualized plan for the student to master the topic.



We typically tutor three kinds of students


Students who are below grade level and need a large amount of tutoring. These students are offered sessions on a sliding scale because they would need lot of instruction. The tutor would administer a diagnostic exam and would start tutoring from the point where the student got lost.


Students who are doing adequate in school but wish to do better. Students who get grades of C and/or B. These students also get tutored in the end of year exams or regents.


Students who are doing well in school but wish to either learn something ahead of time or be prepared for future classes or exams. These students are usually the ones who wish to study for the SHSAT, AP, SAT, and Regents exams

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